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Carolyn Hazel Drake & Phoebe McAfee & Anna Wiancko

MAIN GALLERY (January 28-February 23)

Phoebe Mc Afee, woven tapestry

Phoebe Mc Afee, woven tapestry

Phoebe McFee is a weaver of tapestries. She has been weaving since 1967, when she was 23 years old. “Early on I fell in love with tapestry. Now I am in my 70’s and have never stopped weaving. For 40 years I focused on large tapestries, mostly on commissions. My images based on the structure of weaving come from this time.” In 2004, she began to draw on the computer. Recent small tapestries woven in Portland have all come from computer drawings. Translating the vivid colors into yarns is new and delightful to her. Phoebe also has begun to weave words into her images. “I’ll see where that takes me. I am still evolving, still finding new things to say in warp and weft..

Carolyn Hazel Drake, "Sailboat" ceramic & mixed media

Carolyn Hazel Drake, “Sailboat” ceramic &mixed media

Carolyn Hazel Drake’s sculptures are a mix of porcelain and textiles, referencing the natural world and man-made devotional objects. Her recent work continues to explore the vessel, now in the form of the boat as a close cousin to the humble (but always evocative) pinch pot. “In response to a series of personal losses, I have been looking to ancient art that honors or tries to contextualize death. Greek tragedies and elegiac writing are also frequent source materials. The boat appears as an element of burial or transport to the underworld/afterlife in many cultural traditions. It speaks to the very human combination of longing and fear for what is beyond the horizon. I love the immediacy of pinching the clay, and I try to balance conceptual and expressive complexity with the seductive materiality of clay and cloth.”

FEATURE AREA (January 28-February 21)

Anna Wiancko-Chasman, "Horse" Mixed media

Anna Wiancko-Chasman, “Horse” Mixed media

Anna Wiancko works in clay, paint, mixed media, and found objects to create unusual and expressive sculptures and assemblages. She explores irony, humor and whimsy as a necessary part of that communication. “I was introduced to the natural world as a child, as my parents were both avid outdoors people and activists for the environment. I often took pencils and paper into the back country when we camped or stayed in our cabin in the High Sierras.” A deep love of art, nature and animals became rooted in her, and these dual passions have inspired and guided her. “I found that both animals and art were wonderful companions, which enabled me to express myself in ways I otherwise could not. When I lost my daughter to cancer, art helped give me strength and the courage to heal. However, I need, as most of us need, to balance the difficult messages with humor and play”.

Gallery Schedule


January (December30, 2017-January 23 )
MAIN: Carol Chapel – Drawings Jerri Bartholomew – Glass/mixed media
FEATURE AREA: Paul Griffitts – Fractal

February (January 25-February 20)
MAIN: Bryn Harding – Etchings Susan Opie – Bronze
FEATURE AREA: Nancy Abens – Color Photo

March (February 22-March 27)
MAIN: Kelly Neidig – Paintings Rodney C. Stuart – Wood Assemblage
FEATURE AREA: Nanette Wallace – Printmaker/Painter

April (March 29-April 24)
MAIN: Paul Rutz – Oil Paintings Christopher Wagner – Wood Sculpture
FEATURE AREA: Stirling Gorsuch – Printmaker Amy Ruedinger – Copper Vessel

May (April 26-May 29)
MAIN: Reed Clark – Oil Paintings Brad McLemore – Ceramic
FEATURE AREA: Ralph Davis – Paintings

June (May 31-June 26)
MAIN: Consee Tolosa – Paintings Helen Kaufman – Carved Ceramic
FEATURE AREA: Hazel Glass – Cut Paper Rose Covert – Fiber/Baskets

July (June 28-July 24)
MAIN: Andie Furtado – Oil Paintings Cary Weigand – Ceramic Figurative
FEATURE AREA: Jacqueline McIntyre – Multi-media/Painting Karen Russo – Ceramic Sculpture

August (July 26-August 28)
MAIN: Matteo Neivert – Painter Virginia McKinney – Ceramic/Metal
FEATURE AREA: Steve Winkenwerder- Drawings Dennis Meiners – Mishima-illustrated ceramics

September (August 30-September 25)
Main: Mike Vos – Photography Andrea Duflow – Fiber Sculpture
FEATURE AREA: Penda Diakité – Collage Andy Kennedy – Ceramic Figure/Heads

October (September 27-October 23)
MAIN: Day of the Dead Group Show

November (October 25-November 27)
MAIN: Adriene Cruz – Fiber
FEATURE AREA: Sally Squire – Ceramic

December (November-December)
MAIN & FEATURE AREA: Little Things 18


January (December 29-January 24)
MAIN: Tapestry (Willamette Tapestry Artists)
FEATURE AREA:  Patrick George (inaglio)

February (January 26-February 21) 
MAIN: Cathie Joy Young (paintings) & Kim Murton (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Devin Bernard (paintings)

March (February 23-March 28)
MAIN: Hsin-Yi Huang (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA: Lisa Conway (ceramic sculpture)
Window gallery: Hennig Family  (ceramics)
Pop-Up Ceramic show (in the Back Shop) 

April (March 30-April 25)
MAIN: Anne Goodrich (ceramic sculpture) & Gail Owen (relief prints)
FEATURE AREA: Zebith Thalden (mixed media)

May (April 25-May 23)
MAIN: Mar Goman (mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Dayna Collins (paintings)

June (May 25-June 27)
MAIN: Tamae Frame (ceramic sculpture) & Dave Benz (walnut ink)
FEATURE AREA: Samyak Yamauchi (paintings)

July (June 29-July 25)
MAIN: Carolyn Garcia (mixed media) & Deborah Unger (wood/mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Nadine Gay (ceramic/mixed media)

August (July 27-August 29)
MAIN: Shannon Weber (mixed media sculpture & encaustic) & Chi Meredith (paintings) 
FEATURE AREA: Michael Kurz (paintings)

September (August 31-September 26)
Main: Beverly Soasey (mixed media) & Beth Robinson (mixed media collage)
FEATURE AREA: Sue Thomas (paintings) & Scot Cameron-Bell (ceramic)

October (September 28-October 24)
MAIN: Day of the Dead Group Show
FEATURE AREA: Mavis Leahy (textile and mixed media)

November (October 26-November 24
MAIN: David Nez (paintings) & Dan Pillers (wood/mixed media)
FEATURE AREA: Linda Robertson (encaustic)
WINDOW: Christopher Wagner (carved and painted wood)

December (November-December
Little Things 17


Mike Wellins (painting on laser cut wood) & Michael Edward McGovern (mono-prints)
FEATURE AREA (Jan 2-Jan 24)
Paul Trapp (shaped paintings)

MAIN GALLERY (Jan 28-Feb 23)
Phoebe McAfee (tapestry) & Carolyn Hazel Drake (ceramic/fiber)
Anna Wiancko-Chasman (mixed media)

MAIN GALLERY (Feb 25-Mar 29)
Dennis Anderson (paintings) & Marcia T Smith (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (Feb 25-Mar 27)
James Lilly (painted wood constructions)

MAIN GALLERY (Mar 31–Apr 26)
Sally Squire (ceramic/mixed media) & Janet Ronacher (mixed media baskets)
FEATURE AREA (Mar 31–Apr 24)
Patrick Noe (ceramic sculpture & reliefs)

MAIN GALLERY (Apr 28-May 24)
Christopher St.John (paintings) & Cathi Newlin (ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (Apr 28-May 22)
Ralph Davis (paintings/mixed media)

MAIN GALLERY (May 26-June 28)
Gay Freeborn (oil paintings) & Karen Croner (mixed media sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (May 26-June 26)
Kelli MacConnell (relief prints) & Yelena Roslaya (ceramic sculpture)

MAIN GALLERY (June 30- July 26)
Betsy LeVine (oil paintings) & Dennis Floyd (prints)
FEATURE AREA (June 30- July 24)
Jeanne Drevas (mixed media)

MAIN GALLERY (July 28-Aug 23)
Reed Clarke (oil paintings & prints)
FEATURE AREA (July 28-Aug 21)
Alicia Justus (drawings/mixed media) & Dawn Panttaja (ceramic doll-sculpture)

MAIN GALLERY (Aug 25-Sept 27)
Jill McVarish (oil paintings) & Mark Clarson (cast glass)
FEATURE AREA (Aug 25-Sept 25)
Rogene Manas (paper clay & paint)

MAIN GALLERY (Sept 29-Oct 25)
10th Annual Day of the Dead
FEATURE AREA (Sept 29-Oct 23)
Alisa Looney (enamel on steel)

MAIN GALLERY (Oct 27-Nov 19)
Lynda Golan (paintings) & Terresa White (bronze & ceramic sculpture)
FEATURE AREA (Oct 27-Nov 19)
Stacy Polson (needle felted sculpture)

15th Annual Little Things