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Dan Hennig, Laurie Hennig, Iver Hennig & Jennifer Hennig

“FUNKY FODDER” Clay Works for a New Millennium
The Hennig Family: Dan Hennig, Laurie Hennig, Iver Hennig & Jennifer Hennig 

April 25 through May 28
Reception: April 25, 6-9 PM during “Last Thursday” Artwalk

Dan Hennig
Jennifer Hennig

Laurie Hennig

Enlarging, exaggerating and manipulating familiar forms in unexpected ways, two generations of clay artists have created an imaginative alternative approach to clay as opposed to business as usual. The show features Dan and Laurie Hennig, husband and wife, and Iver and Jennifer Hennig, son and daughter-in-law, respectively.

The California based Hennig family return to Portland and the Guardino Gallery for another Absolutely Stonedware Show. They have dubbed their show “Funky Fodder: Clay Works from the New Millennium.” A respect for clay and a sense of enjoyment and humor can be found in their one-of-a-kind pieces. Continually working to transform clay beyond its boundaries, the group’s new work is influenced by the natural world. Be prepared for flying rhinos, gigantic acorns and chicken lips!

The Hennigs work out of their studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where external events have sometimes directed the development of their work. For example, seemingly tragic shards resulting from the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989, evolved into a vital element of their sculpture’s textural surface, freeing up their process of creativity.