Monthly Archives: February 2003

LeRoy Goertz & Adam Burke

LeRoy Goertz, glass and bronze sculptures
Adam Burke, manipulated photographs
  February 27-March 25
Reception:  Feb 27, 6-9 PM during “Last Thursday”

Adam Burke will be showing a series of large scale manipulated photography.  His “Found Objects” series explores objects close up with hand written and typed text.  Objects such as a chair, toilet paper roll, a shoe and dress forms share space with words and scratches in a powerful photographic statement.
LeRoy Goertz’
small sculptures are abstract in form.  He will be presenting both bronze and glass.  His hot glass sculptures are formed by heating glass rods that, when they are molten, can be shaped and bent into his forms.  Though abstract, his sculptures resemble the human figure.

Adam Burke  “Found Object #6” toned silver gelatin print



LeRoy Goertz “Standing Woman” glass