Monthly Archives: March 2003

Tim Acock & Rachael Chenven Powers

Tim Acock, color photography
Rachael Chenven Powers, mixed media constructions
March 27-April 22
RECEPTION: March 27, 6-9 PM during “Last Thursday” Artwalk

Tim Acock is an Alberta Street neighbor whose work focuses on Alberta Street in the most basic way: his photographs are all of Alberta Street. They have all been taken at night. To quote Acock, “Street lighting has a way of highlighting features unnoticed in the light of day. Shooting at night allows me greater freedom for expressing ideas and moods. The unexpected colors produced by the blending of varying light sources offer me a rich and expressive palette.” Though he shoots color negative film, he uses the digital darkroom; scanner, imaging software and archival inkjet printer.


Rachael Chenven Powers will be presenting mixed media constructions. Nearly all of her pieces take the form of boxes loosely inspired by reliquaries and mezuzahs. Some of her boxes are found and modified, others constructed or carved. The boxes serve as a personal form of compartmentalization and reorganization and examination. The box becomes an incorporated frame or simply a beautiful object in and of itself, though each box provides a contained context.