Carole Turner & Katherine Treffinger

Carole Turner, sculpture
Katherine Treffinger, drawings
February 26-March 23
Reception:Thursday, Feb 26, 6-9 pm during
“Last Thursday Artwalk”

Katherine Treffinger, a Portland based artist, will present a body of work about the female body. Most often working from live models, Treffinger draws the human figure with charcoal, pencil, and sometimes conte. Brushed ink can appear in her work. Her style is rhythmic and intuitive, and blends skillful realistic rendering with adventurous explorations of form, line and shadow. Some times erasure and reworking may be done with the help of sandpaper. Newfound texture is imported onto the surface of the drawing and intriguing variations of the original theme appear. Some of the work is drawn upon a “weathered” collage background.

Katherine Treffinger “Morphic” charcoal drawing


Carole Turner’ sculptures take inspiration from Cyladic sculpture, in particular, the “Keros Hoard”, the armless, faceless figurines found on the Island of Keros, each seeming to have been deliberately broken as if during some unspecified ritual. Her torsos are created in varying degrees of abstraction, allowing for more expression and tension, while keeping the simplicity of it’ form and features. Working from small models, the figures are sculpted in a clay-like cement over a foam and metal armature or are cast in solid cement, pigmented and patined. Cement offers modeling and textural possibilities, as well as the property of permanence. Turner refers to the medium as modern stone, a fitting tribute to the timeless figures from the past.

Carole Turner “Female-Male”