Monthly Archives: September 2004

Mark Perry & Jan Van Manen

Mark Perry, intaglio prints &
Jan van Manen, mixed media sculpture

September 30-October 26
Reception: Thursday, Sept 30, 6-9 pm

“Passage 2″ mixed media 21″ X 16″ X 11”

J an van Manen offers sculptures in mixed media. To van Manen a single material does not have strength unless it is contrasted with another material. In its essence this contrast is a duality. For example, a straight line is enhanced by the organic line: light enhanced by shadow. Opposites constantly return in his work. Many of his pieces are accompanied with a specially made crate that houses the sculpture and then becomes it’ pedestal. It is the negative of the sculpture, making it a whole. In his artwork van Manen strives to find the balance from the observed duality of life.


Mark Perry will be presenting his latest intaglio and collograph prints. Perry explains that he is interested in exploring the mark on the plate and the various approaches to achieving that mark, from a straight line etching to a mechanical means such as a dremell tool. Many of his works are individual etchings put together in a quilt-like fashion. He relates this to a set list on a CD. Though they are strong pieces on their own, they can still be seen as a whole. Though most of his “mark makings” are nonrepresentational, some will have recognizable images to them.

” Untitled” intaglio etching 24″ X 36″