Monthly Archives: May 2005

Rick Gregg & Michael Southern

Rick Gregg, fabricated metal scupture
Michael Southern, landscape oil paintings
May 26-June 28

       Rick Gregg’s metal sculptures portray animals and abstracted forms in delicate antithesis to the materials he uses.  With a background in blacksmithing and fabrication, Gregg uses primarily oxy-acetylene welding torches for his sculpting, taking the tool beyond it’s normal boundaries of heating, bending and welding to pushing the metal with the flame the way sculptors would move clay with their thumbs. Using bar, rod, plate and sheet metal along with a combination of welding, blacksmithing and repousse techniques, Gregg has few boundaries in creating his sculptures.
“Antelope” metal
       Michael Southern will be showing a selection of his most recent landscapes.  Painting with oil on wood panels, he uses the technique of under-painting to create lushness. He’s also drawn to bold natural colors such as reds & sienna’s.  Southern has a strong connection to the outdoors and landscapes, in particular.  Though he often paints from nature, many of his paintings are amalgams of landscapes he has experienced.  Southern explains, “I strive for an ideal place, the ideal atmosphere, the ideal color, the ideal composition.”  Southern will also be showing a variety of his etchings.
  “Color Fields”  oil