Monthly Archives: June 2005

Gregg Frederickson & Crystal Schenk

Gregg Frederickson, oil & charcoal paintings
Crystal Schenk, bronze & concrete sculptures
July 28-August 23

      Gregg Frederickson paintings begin with drawing on the canvas, followed by transparent washes of oil.  He starts first with a drawing in charcoal.  From there, the process changes back and forth from light oil washes to charcoal until he reaches his goal.  Human form, with light reflected or absorbed, lines fluid or static and the dynamic story unfolding in every movement, represents his challenge as an artist.  To quote Frederickson, “I work to discover what’s really there, what I’m actually seeing rather than what my mind thinks is there or what my memory recalls.  Each figure is unique and every composition tells a different perspective of a larger story.”

Gregg Frederickson “Flying Bird”
oil & charcoal on canvas 48″ X 48″
    Crystal Schenk works with a variety of materials, from crocheted silver wire to cast bronze, concrete to paper to create her sculptures.  Schenk lets the materials create the tone of the work, from lighthearted and eccentric to heavy and introspective.  Schenk has found a growing theme in her work, concentrating on the framework of people’s lives.  Many of the sculptures are figurative, with reoccurring images of ribs, vertebra, hearts and veins, each representing the hidden structures that support us and give us strength.  One example of this is a cast concrete sculpture, which resembles a spine curved into an arc with an attached steel turnbuckle as if to hold it taught and in place.

  Crystal Schenk  “Regret”
cast cement & steel turnbuckle
21″h X 8″w X 15″d

Lorna Nakell & Clark Tuthill

Lorna Nakell, mixed media paintings
Clark Tuthill, fabricated metal sculpture
June 30-July 26

Lorna Nakell puts forth a collection of new works she calls Haikus for the day.  Inspired by seasons, places, times and architecture, her new paintings resemble modern landscapes.  Biomorphic clayworks suggest pods and flowers.  Nature and the urban setting are married with the use of simple shapes and minimalist color.  Finding importance in being more of an environmentally conscious artist, Nakell incorporates recycled materials into her collage paintings.  Pieces of vintage wallpaper, plastic doilies, architectural plans and other scraps of paper are all fair game in her process.     

Lorna Nakell  “Midnight Waltz”  mixed media  4′ X 5′

Clark Tuthill will be showing fabricated metal sculptures.  His constructions are created from steel; some new, some forged, some found objects and all welded into abstracted shapes.  The surface is a play of dark and light, with contrast between brushed steel and shiny newly exposed metal.  When asked what he liked about working with steel, Tuthill replied “ I like the heaviness of the material and the method of working with steel.  It’s an additive process, as opposed to stone carving which is a subtractive process.  I like the effect of building up and working out the shapes as I go along.”  Tuthill will have a variety of sizes, the most being 18” to 24”tall, though one of his sculptures is a long column entitled “Curve” reaching nine feet.

  Clark Tuthill  “Untitled”  steel  17″ X 4″ X 2″