Monthly Archives: December 2005

Elaine Close & Julie Martin

Elaine Close, oil paintings
Julie Martin, cold cast bronze 

December 29-January 24

       Julie Martin will be presenting a series of wall reliefs.  The medium she uses is Cold Cast Bronze with a patina.  Martin’s subject matter is primarily centered on human expression.  To quote Martin “ I am engrossed with the possibilities of taking moments that are usually personal but are experience universally and translating these moments into three dimensional forms.”  This series also explores human intimacy, with as few details as possible so that the finished work becomes sort of a visual puzzle as to what the person is doing: an arm on a shoulder, a hand on a waist, two hands intertwined in front of a torso.  The obvious purpose of these sculptures is to be beautiful and yet also involve the intellect of the viewer in a way that is satisfying. 

 Julie Martin  
    “Devotion”  cold cast bronze


      Elaine Close will be showing oil paintings on wood and small works on paper.   The paintings are inspired by shapes and by the emotional power of colors.  Her surfaces ask to be touched, color and texture in a delicate changeable symbiosis. The results are subtle, somber, profound and understated.  She begins with building texture with Spackle on wood, and then follows with a layer of acrylic paint and then thin layers of oil paint.  This slow process results in paintings which, because of their subtlety and because they change significantly in different light, say different things at different times.  Her works on paper have similar themes but more of a focus on line.  They are made from a variety of mixed media including graphite, oil pencil, watercolor, acrylic and oil.


Elaine Close
“Tavolo 5” mixed media on paper