Monthly Archives: March 2006

Bill Dean & Patricia Heimerl

Bill Dean,  Assemblages: “Second Chapter”
Patricia Heimerl, Photograph: “Symmetry Series”
March 30-April 25

"Just out of Reach"  mixed media assemblage

“Just out of Reach”  mixed media assemblage

"Illegal Entry" manipulated photograph

“Illegal Entry” manipulated photograph

Bill Dean will be showing his recent assemblages constructed of found objects/materials.  By the positioning of dissimilar materials, he creates a narrative.  Most often it is a given object that drives the subject matter, rather than purposely searching for materials to address a subject.  In fact, the subject for each piece comes to him once he has found an object or image that “tells a story.”  The title “Just Out Of Reach,” came to him when an old paint box surfaced. Dean explained, “Years ago I drew and painted.  Activities that I keep thinking I’ll return to, but seem to always be just beyond my grasp. The toy bird seemed to be the most straightforward object for capturing that fleeting nature of missed artistic opportunities.”   His work is often times playful and other times socially charged.

Patricia Heimerl will be exploring manipulated imagery in her “Symmetry Series”.   Her photographs are digitally enhanced and rearranged.  She works with a photo to construct “forced” symmetries, recreating and enhancing them to invent the intriguing images.  As to her subject matter, “Anything is fair game” says Heimerl. “What draws me to a subject is the potential to turn it into something more than what immediately meets the eye.” She strives to incorporate an element of discovery into her artwork by surprising the viewer with a shape or figure within one of the symmetrical images, questioning the source of the abstracted image.   Some of her photographs are quite large; the largest being 45″X 35″.