Monthly Archives: April 2006

Gabriel Fernandez & Julian Voss-Andreae

Gabriel Fernandez, oil paintings
Julian Voss-Andreae, sculpture
April 27-May 23

"Untitled Interior"  oil on canvas

“Untitled Interior”  oil on canvas

In Gabriel Fernandez’s latest body of work, Fernandez continues to explore interior spaces.  His initial interest in a painting is to merge still life and landscape imagery into an interior space.  His next level of interest is how the reality of the space relates to the abstract.  Many of his compositions suggest a minimalist framework of abstract expressionism; though they don’t depart from the traditional methods he has been trained in.  With these works, he explores the relationships between mood and light, realism and the narrative with the abstract, and paint with the process.  In a perfect example of this objective, in one of his paintings Fernandez paints the warmth of the interior of a room in contrast with the cool exterior, setting a mood, playing with light and telling a story as well.

detail of "Untitled" based on collagen Bamboo, hemlock & copper wire

detail of “Untitled” based on collagen Bamboo, hemlock & copper wire

Julian Voss-Andreae creates art that that is inspired by the three-dimension structures of proteins. His sculptures offer a sensual experience of a world that is usually accessible only through our intellect. Voss-Andreae first learned of proteins as a graduate student in physics, changing careers to pursue his interest in the mechanisms of the world through art rather than science.  Creating organically shaped sculptures out of a large number of geometric pieces fascinates him, because the complexity of a living being is similarly made up simple “inanimate” subunits.   Voss-Andreae applies an algorithmic quality to his work rather than copying its appearance.  His pieces stop working as scientific models and become pure art objects.