Monthly Archives: May 2006

Guruhans Singh Kroesen & CA Michel

CA Michel, monoprints
Guruhans Singh Kroesen, steel sculpture
May 25-June 27

“Untitled Robe” monoprint

CA Michel had the opportunity to work with Itchiku Kubato, one of Japan’s most famous kimono makers during her undergraduate years at California State University, Fullerton. She never forgot this experience and revisited it in print making.   Michel’s past work has explored women’s issues, and her instinct was to use the kimono image and its inseparable connection to women.  The kimono as a representational image provided her with a rich opportunity to explore print making.  She chose monoprinting as her media because of its direct approach and unique results.  Incorporating the collagraphic technique of using cut-outs on a plate, she creates a print that is uniquely different and original, as no two prints are alike.

“Divine Bounty”  Steel & onyx 24″ X 4″ X 4″

Guruhans Singh Kroesen’s artistic expression has been heavily influenced by his schooling for eight years at a Sikh boarding school in the Himalayas in India.  The depth of his experience there was in contrast to his experiences when he returned to the United States and entered a military school.  He chose steel and stone as his medium.  Steel being a rigid and an intensely geometric medium provides a contrast to the fluidity and organic nature of his work.  His work requires a manipulation of three-dimensional surfaces and the surfaces created by those perspectives.  Influenced by the linear motion in nature his concern is to capture form and vitality and decipher the intrinsic energy between interacting shapes.