Monthly Archives: June 2006

Elissa Knoper & Ron Rogers

Elissa Knoper, oil paintings
Ron Rogers, mixed media constructions

June 29-July 25

“La Anima Sula” oil on canvas

Elissa Knoper’s paintings have evolved into small figurative paintings with a narrative twist.  Her images come from an array of dreams, the weirdness and quirkiness of everyday life.  The characters in her paintings, both human and animal, are not actual beings, but creatures of her imagination.  She is fascinated by circus performers, religious imagery and mythology. Knoper gives the hint of a start of a story but doesn’t reveal the whole plot. Her paintings are serious with a humorous twist.  There are references to human relationship with nature; what happens is an unsettling tragicomedy, subtlety ambiguous and melodramatic.  In these days of digital imagery, Elissa intent is on making paintings that feel, look and smell like they’ve just been painted.

“Fess is the Mess” mixed media

Ron Rogers creates “Shrines to Dead Musicians”. They are one of a kind tributes to his favorite great blues and rock artists.  Crafted using found wood, handmade skeleton heads and a variety of recycled materials, Rogers’ shrines and caskets fully utilize mixed media, adding a textural component to his constructions. There is a roughness and honesty to his work, evoking primitive or outsider art. He creates them from scraps of old wood, found objects and paint. Painted words become an integral part of each piece. Ron grew up in Texas and began playing music in the sixties. His love of music is evident in his work. Rogers’s musical and artistic talents have join forces to create exceptional art pieces.