Monthly Archives: July 2006

Mar Goman & Shira Loa

Mar Goman, mixed media assemblages
Shira Loa, fabricated metal sculptures
July 27-August 29

“We Two Girls” mixed media collage

Mar Goman’s work is eccentric and unique and does not easily fit into any particular category of art.  The two dimensional work in the show will include collages, mixed media drawings on found papers and embroidered drawings. Sculptural pieces will include a new series of primitive figures made from scraps of fabric and colored threads; sculptural books incorporating drawing, sewing, and found objects; a variety of assemblages, and an altar to animals who die as a result of human culture. Her work frequently addresses the human psycho-spiritual journey and often includes text and human, animal, or spirit figures. The influence of outsider art as well as tribal art can be seen in her work, but she filters these influences through a highly personalized vision that tends to unify what might otherwise be a disparate body of work.



“Fey Garden” copper & silver

Shira Loa translates her fascination with the natural world into works of amazing metal sculptures.  She draws her inspiration from organic images: shells, leaves, branches, cocoons, pods, mushrooms, seedlings and all variety of growth.  In one of her pieces, “Scrap Garden”, scrap metal from her studio is transformed into a sea encrusted mussel shell and becomes a metaphor for scrap from the ocean floor.  In another, “Fey Garden”, a tiny garden world is created in silver and copper. Loa uses a wide variety of metals in her work: copper, bronze, brass, silver and some steel.  She employs the technique of “Raising” metal, an extremely time consuming and intricate process. The ancient technique uses a variety of different hammers and stakes to stretch, compress and form the metal.  It is a technique of patience, skill and physical endurance as she produces her one of kind treasures.