Monthly Archives: September 2006

Robert Huff & Tabor Porter

Tabor Porter, mixed media assemblages
Robert Huff, photography on wood
September 28-October 24

Tabor Porter creates mixed media constructions he calls his “Soulboxes”. Some hang on the wall and some are meant to held.  These pieces, consisting of antiques and scrap garbage, are fabricated using bronze, silver, even a little gold and whatever else might hold them together to bring them to life once again. He is a compulsive shopper, haunting estate sales, rummages, antique and collectibles stores, as well as the ground for just the right object or objects to complete his latest waking dream. As a jeweler for many years, Porter is drawn to symbols and archetypes, using the many materials to enlarge his vision, as well as the size of his pieces.  He has entitled his show “Craving”, as each piece represents a “different searching, craving or looking for” as he explains.

web-bobRobert Huff will be presenting photographic images printed on wood.  The combination of black and white images and found plywood create abstracted dream-like images. Huff utilizes a vast archive of negatives and digital subjects for the images that are printed on specially prepared and sensitized pieces of found logs and plywood. The wood grain or imperfections in the surface give the image added depth and abstract to the image from it’s straight representation. The tones of the materials also give warmth and richness to the piece. Landscapes are a favorite subject for Huff because they are about nature, man’s involvement, conservation and daydreams all in one.   Huff will also include botanicals and architectural images.