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Jenny Gray & Evan Burnette

January 30-February 25

"Object of Good" oil

“Object of Good” oil

Jenny Gray’s recent oil paintings explore the concept of how small “bits” or fragments of information, such as DNA, cells or plankton play huge roles in the world and our lives.  A second theme that has run through her work for years is the act of covering or hiding as it relates to the self; the two concepts are intertwined. With those ideas in mind, she creates richly colored and textured, layered abstract oil on canvas paintings with “informational fragments”—some completely covered, some behind translucent layers, some prominently on the surface. “My paintings’ layers, textures and drawing tell very personal stories of my explorations,  It often reflect on layers, what is underneath, what is hidden and what is allowed to show through. Subjects are often abstracted and the work starts to become about the paint itself, paint is freedom for me, communication through the human touch.”

"Untitled" fused glass

“Untitled” fused glass

Evan Burnette’s new fused glass series is entitled “The J. Foster Series”.  It is inspired by his late grandfather, Jerome Foster Wolfson’s taste in wallpaper and carpeting. Evan says it best,“My grandfather has always been a source of inspiration for me.  I owe much of my aptitude for being a maker of things to him.  My grandfather was very creative but his aesthetic taste was garbage. The man really loved plaid. Over the past year, when his health began to fail, it was necessary to move him to an assisted living facility. As my family began to clean out the house in preparation for sale, my mother and I wondered who would be willing to see past the loud plaid carpeting and the metallic Christmas wrapping paper he called wallpaper. In honor of his bad taste I was inspired. While the electric patterns were a little too much on the wall, I felt they could be quite beautiful on a smaller scale. With fused glass I have created work that I think makes his taste more mainstream. Instead of snickering about the wallpaper in the living room, hopefully everyone now will want a piece of it.

The Heart of the Matter

“The Heart of the Matter”
A group show about the Heart
January 30-February 23

The Feature will spotlight a show about everyone’s favorite image for February-HEARTS.  “The Heart of the Matter” is a group show of artists putting their special take on this subject.  This is the sixth year for this popular group show.  There are some surprises here: anatomical images are side by side with a traditional take on Valentines. The theme is broad and open to an artist’s interpretation, which we all know to be broad, indeed.  The group show will include a variety of media: glass, ceramics, encaustic, fiber, metal, paint, wood and mixed media.

Participating artists: Diane Archer, Bridget Benton, Blue, Alea Bone, Stephanie Brockway, Evan Burnette, Dayna Collins, Kurumi Conley, Kindra Crick, Tamae Frame, Michellle Gallagher, Chantel Greene, Chris Giffin, Kim Hamblin, Janet Julian, Kimberli Matin, Alison O’Donoghue, Donna Mattson, Dan Pillers, Tabor Porter, Jill Torberson & Karen Van Hoy