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May’s opening was well attended despite the threat of showers all day.

In the Main Gallery we have Gillian Freney (oil paintings) & Karen Croner (mixed media sculpture) and in the Feature Area, Mari Livie (fiber art) & Alison Eriksen (sculptor with wire, ceramic & mixed media)


Gillian Freney & guest                                                           Mari & Alison


Robyn Waters & Alison Eriksen                                              Gilian & guests



Mari & Alison                                                                   Karen Croner & guest


Mari & Meg Dunne                                                             Alison & guest

Paula Blackwell & Esteban Hermida-Espada

Showing in the main gallery from May 29-June 24

“Journey Home” encaustic

“Journey Home” encaustic

Paula Blackwell is an encaustic artist creating dreamlike and mysterious atmospheric  encaustic paintings, heavy with wax, pigment and texturing.  To quote Paula, “Each layer of my encaustic paintings is a visual record of my process and life; and how, despite our best efforts, it is sometimes subject to forces beyond our control. My attraction and love of encaustics comes from its ability to illuminate and obscure, while creating mystery and depth, thereby allowing the viewer to linger and reflect.”  To begin her process, she first paints on several layers of hot liquified beeswax combined with damar resin. She then lightly fuses the wax to the ground (usually a wood panel with a cradle frame) between each layer with a torch. Her goal is to emulate an aged or rustic appearance in her art.  She then uses an iron to smooth and flatten the uneven surface while also leaving behind peeks and valleys that she can back fill with water mixable oil paint. This technique of layering, melting and scraping creates a radiant and complex terrain of light, color and texture.  Her work exudes an undeniable ethereal quality; compelling landscapes that capture an air of mystery and timelessness.

“Razor” ceramic

“Razor” ceramic

Esteban Hermida-Espada is a ceramist currently working on stoneware sculptural forms.  His primary technique is utilizing slabs of clay that are formed in a variety of hump molds and joined together to create hollow forms.  These are then altered by adding other slab-formed and modeled elements to the initial shape.  He focuses on evoking the organic essence of the natural world and at the same time creating forms that are drawn directly from his subconscious.  The objective is to create sculptures that do not directly reference specific elements from nature but rather to introduce a degree of ambiguity that will allow many different interpretations from the viewer.  In his own words, “I allow my inspiration to run unhindered.  My creative process is a search for a fluid melding between the intuitive and the mechanical.  Many times I take inspiration from nature, but other times the inspiration will come from some seemingly nonsensical image that becomes ingrained in my consciousness.  My subconscious dictates the forms I will ultimately create, but how this process actually unfolds is the mystery that fuels my passion.”

Carolyn Garcia & Jacquie Walton

Showing in the feature area from May 29-June 22

“Beloved” painting/drawing

“Beloved” painting/drawing

Carolyn Garcia creates works of art using the medium of paint and pencil.  Her art is created with very thin layers of acrylic paint and colored pencil, and she adds “required the aid of reading glasses!”  Carolyn says it best, “I spend a great deal of time walking my neighborhood with my dog Sophie.  Our walks treat us to the natural treasures my city neighborhood has to offer, a wealth of detail in moss and lichen, animals that are able to thrive in an urban setting (especially crows), wind fallen tree limbs, the minute designs found in leaves and flowers.  When I am really focused on these things I feel transported back to childhood when the world around me felt enchanted.  I have always been drawn to fairy tales and spent a great deal of my childhood looking for evidence of magic, almost exclusively in nature.  I am no different now, and I find that magic while out walking. This show is about that search and also my deep respect and connection to animals.”

“Gingko” ceramic

“Gingko” ceramic

Jacquie Walton is a ceramic artist working with mid-fire stoneware clay and matte glazes. Her pottery incorporates the Arts and Crafts aesthetic of both organic and geometric sensibilities. Many of the designs are inspired by Jacquie’s study of the early 20th century American potters, including William H. Grueby and Artus Van Briggle. A hallmark of Arts and Crafts pottery is matte surfaces, and Jacquie has spent several years developing her own matte glazes. Her color palette includes many shades of green as well as lavender, burgundy, terra-cotta, topaz, and mustard. The glaze colors are serene and calming and complement both classical and contemporary bungalow interiors. From throwing to sculpted decoration to glaze work, Jacquie strives for excellent craftsmanship that unites form, design, and surface.

F. X. Rosica

F.X. Rosica is a printmaker who has created a series etchings about Public Transportation.  As he rides,  he becomes absorbed in watching and sketching the people and landscapes that “ride along” with him. These images are worked  onto metal & solar plates to make prints (intaglio).  Capturing slices of life is an important part of his artistic and creative journey, and all of these prints have a unique story to tell.

"Agitation"  $85 Intaglio print  A/P  3" X 5"

“Agitation” $85
Intaglio print A/P 3″ X 5″

"Nutter"  $85 Intaglio print  A/P  3.5" X 5.5"

“Nutter” $85
Intaglio print A/P 3.5″ X 5.5″