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Becky Busi & Rick Gregg

Showing in the Main Gallery, March 26-April 28
Artists Talk, Saturday April 11, @2pm

Becky Busi "Discardia 3" ink on Duralr

Becky Busi “Discardia 3” ink on Duralr

Becky Busi draws with ink on Duralar. Becky explains I draw with broken sticks on Duralar, which is opaque and doesn t easily receive ink, allowing the ink to flow into uncontrolled puddles. I then utilize discarded materials to embellish the drawing to complete the circle of this beautifully imperfect person. Her current work is about themes of identity and the disconnect in modern life between appearances and reality. She has entitled her show Discardia. As she explains social media brings about an awareness of our depiction of self imagery. We delete “selfies” until they elicit perfection. The reality of our own fallibility stares back at us as we romantically become lost in our social media driven ’15 minutes of fame’. Within this self-proclaimed idealistic version of ourselves lies the greatest dissonance. Her materials allow this metaphor to continue.



Rick Gregg "Girl with Arrow" metal

Rick Gregg “Girl with Arrow” metal

Rick Gregg describes himself as a metal worker. He creates a piece by looking at the negative space in front of him and just starts drawing in the air with hot metal. Unlike starting a piece by shaping mass, this process is a true 3d line drawing.Rick s work has largely been influenced by the simplicity of form and expression found in primitive works. That effect is apparent in many of his sculptures. His art offers little embellishments of realistic detail, as ample vision is acquired through his subtle lines of expression. Trained in blacksmithing, he quickly fell in love with the working of metal. However, welding is still his predominant vehicle for sculpting as he finds it the most versatile and central to his means of expression. Rick found that the introduction of other materials, expanded his pallet. Wood, Stone and glass were integrated into his works, even today cement is an essential element in many of his sculptures.

Bridget Benton

Showing in the Feature Area, March 26-April 26
Artist talk, Saturday April 11 @2pm

Bridget Benton "Leslie" Encaustic/mixed media

Bridget Benton “Leslie” Encaustic/mixed media

Bridget Benton describes her work as Encaustic/Mixed Media. Her current body of work explores what is left behind the evidence that remains after a traumatic experience or a repetitive and soothing ritual. Bridget explains  The dramatic and the day-to-day are what shape us, and yet we may be left with very little concrete evidence of these moments. We might have a photo or a scar; someone coming along behind us may find the trash full of old love letters or candy wrappers. What we are left with, however, is little more than a collection of memories. Here, Benton combines encaustic, collage, photographic imagery, and found objects – the remains of daily life to hint at those memories and the stories behind