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Tamae Frame & Dayna Collins

Main Gallery
May 28-June 23

Tamae Frame "Messages from the Mineral Kingdom" ceramic

Tamae Frame “Messages from the Mineral Kingdom”

Tamae Frame‘s ceramic sculptures depicts female figures, in which her emotions, moods, and feelings play out. Her intention is to give meaning to that insight and sublimate it into an archetype of the psyche. In her recent work, in addition to her minimalistic female nude figures, Tamae created female creatures that possess egg-shaped objects as a metaphorical depiction as pure potential: a beginning of one s life, a newly formed idea or a fresh plan, one that is still in a fragile state because it hasn’t been materialized in real life. On the other hand, the creature has a thorny back, which symbolizes the defensive instinct–protecting its possession from the environment. Besides these creatures and the nude figures, “I was inspired to sculpt women in dresses that correspond with their feelings. I created the series involving the body, mind, and clothing–the movement, shape, or color of the subject s clothing enhances the atmosphere of the piece, such as tranquility, joyfulness, and euphoria.”

Dayna J Collins "Buried Beneath Life's Demands" oil paint. plaster & cold wax

Dayna J Collins “Buried Beneath Life’s Demands” oil paint. plaster & cold wax

Dayna Collin‘s  new abstract series titled EVOKE is inspired by topics and themes passionate to Dayna and reflect her emotional responses. Through layers of plaster, oil, cold wax, and markings, She brings her energetic and visceral reactions to such themes as aging, addictions, secrets, joy, environmental issues, health, and friendship. Buried beneath the surfaces are words or thoughts written boldly across the painted plaster, then covered with layers of oil and cold wax. To quote Dayna  Art is a powerful therapist. She works in a range of sizes, varying from 8×8 inches to 36×48 inches, letting the magnitude of the theme dictate what size board she use. Dayna has chosen not to identify her themes, but EVOKE is intended to draw out or produce personal emotional responses from those who view this series.

Daniel Granias & Kim Hamblin

Feature Area
May 28-June 21

Daniel Granias "Peristalsis" ceramic/mixed media

Daniel Granias “Peristalsis” ceramic/mixed media

Daniel Granias is an artist specializing in ceramic sculpture. Dainel has entitled his show:  Animus ex Corpus . His newest work is an interpretive exploration of bodily mechanics, driven by the behavior of flesh and tissue under tension and pressure. Granias manipulates the clay to mimic the qualities of living tissue as it folds, wrinkles, stretches, and squeezes itself, by means of external and/or internal forces. The work investigates feelings of desire, anxiety, comfort, and vulnerability, often those that are sexual in nature. Granias draws his inspiration from reflecting on his earliest moments of infancy before being adopted by his family. In place of the vague identity and narrative of his birth parents, Granias turns to ubiquitous biological truths to derive his forms.

Kim Hamblin "Quince"  cut paper/mixed media

Kim Hamblin “Quince” cut paper/mixed media

Kim Hamblin’s  medium is cut paper assemblage, which is cut paper, painted and layered, and then nailed to plywood panels with tiny nails.   The process has become an inherent part her work with the nails being a prominent feature. The combination of the delicate art of paper cutting with the industrial nature of hammering nails make for a unique and striking combination.  According to Kim “The beauty of Oregon in the Spring has always been a welcome site after a long winter. These pieces delve into the magic of Spring and the discovery of rejuvenation of spirit and earth. Living rurally has made me appreciate the delicacy and determination of blossoms and the bounty of fruit to follow. The blossoms are so short lived, this is my attempt at capturing the essence of the moment and translating it to permanence. A sense of humor has become a key factor in my work with cliches being a constant in my titles and imagery.