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Michelle Gallagher & Diane Archer

July 30-August 25
Artists Talk: Saturday, August 15, @2 pm

Michelle Gallagher, "Rinpoche" ceramic

Michelle Gallagher, “Rinpoche” ceramic

 Michelle Gallagher is a sculptor working in clay. She is especially attracted to Asia and the Pacific Islands. Her figures often represent people from those parts of the world. Michelle is also interested in international traditions that incorporate the spiritual connection to myth. “It’s been said that clay is a malleable and forgiving material but with a memory, and I have found this to be true. I actually love the tactile quality of clay and prefer working with a groggy sculptural clay to fine porcelain. Her pieces are then finished with oxides and glazes in a combination of applications. I love to garden and Oregon’s climate allows for a variety of gardening options. I also enjoy building sculpture for gardens and I look for ways to incorporate art outdoors. I sometimes say, I have my hands in mud, in one way or another.”

Diane Archer, "Fertile Ground" maps & mixed media

Diane Archer, “Fertile Ground” maps & mixed media





Diane Archer works with paper (maps in particular) and mixed media. Her work for this show is autobiographical. “As an artist whose work has always been about place (physical, emotional and spiritual), all these objects have me thinking about the things we accumulate during our life’s journey. The art making process, for me, seems to be quite a bit about collecting and arranging. I begin with arranging layers of maps and images for a base. Starting with topographical or aeronautical maps, I select objects from boxes and drawers of treasures collected over a lifetime. These items I consider relics of experience. I then begin the somewhat tedious process of embedding the objects into the base, using vials, specimen cases, glass frames or direct inlay to capture the objects into the map substrata.” All of her work is meant to acknowledge and celebrate the connections to the world around us and the world within us.

Amy Ruedinger & Margaret Van Patten

July 30-August 23
Artists Talk: August 15 @2 pm

Amy Ruedinger, "Three Legged Vessel" copper & mixed media

Amy Ruedinger, “Three Legged Vessel” copper & mixed media

Amy Ruedinger works with metals. Hammering copper on steel with steel, she changes the hard flat material into an inviting, touchable three-dimensional form. “I try to pull out the personality of the piece as it slowly develops. Top/bottom, visible/invisible, inner/outer are dualisms that appear in my work. Some of my pieces are made from my old copper etching plates. The image mostly gets hammered away but it adds an invisible history, surface texture, and former idea within the piece.” Ruedinger is a multi-media artist working in metals, printmaking, bookmaking and drawing. This background can be seen in the copper vessels she will be showing.


Margaret van Patten is a printmaker who combines various intaglio techniques to create

Margaret van Patten, "Eveloution" intaglio

Margaret van Patten, “Eveloution” intaglio

uniquely personal prints. Her technique includes drypoint, etching, and aquatint and mezzotint. For this show she introduces pencil drawing into her artwork. Making prints is very much a process oriented art form for her, and she uses this to her advantage by working directly on the surface of the plate and letting each mark respond to the previous mark. She then applies addition lines and colors to the pulled print. She uses a wealth of diverse symbolism and metaphors. This results in multiple layers of meaning and richness.