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Mark Clarson, Jill McVarish & Rogene Manas

MAIN GALLERY (August 25-September 27)

Jill McVarish "Goat Girl" oil

Jill McVarish “Goat Girl” oil

Jill McVarish is a classically trained painter. Her work is reminiscent of 17th century Dutch masters, with a contemporary twist in her choice of subject matter. The title her collection of work for her show is “Anthropomorphism”. It’s an exploration of the relationship between humans and animals. To quote Jill, “We keep them as pets and give them names. We catch them and house them in aquariums and zoos. We even dress them in costumes and put them to work. There is almost no part of the earth where animal life is not effected in some way by humans and it’s a vast subject, charged with a lot of moral questions. Though the issue of the responsibility we have to our animal friends looms in any exploration of this subject, these pieces are meant illustrate a few examples of the lighter side of this symbiotic co-existence.”


Mark Clarson "Hare" cast glass

Mark Clarson “Hare” cast glass

Mark Clarson works with cast glass. His work is mostly about allegory and desire. The animals are used as characters to illustrate an unknowable narrative. “I made the transition from metal working to glass casting as I was interested in working with light and color. I have been casting for over 20 years and glass casting is very similar to metal casting in many ways. The transition seemed organic to me. I am also using artificial light sources to illuminate the glass from within. This is a new technique for me and I have been very happy with the results. This technique has allowed me to use illuminated colors that emote a sense of vibrancy.” The process is a complicated one: Glass casting is the process in which glass objects are cast by directing molten glass into a mould where it solidifies. The technique has been used since the Egyptian period.

Rogene Manas "Garden of Eden" paper clay/paint

Rogene Manas “Garden of Eden” paper clay/paint

FEATURE AREA (August 25-September 25)
Rogene Mañas, painter and mixed media artist, has entitled her show “Bodies Of Work”. She has developed an art form of sculpting paper clay in bas-relief on canvases and panels. Her colorful work has a wood carved look that leaves people
wondering how it was made. Her rustic style has been deeply influenced by the folk art of Mexico and Latin America, as well as her Spanish/Italian heritage. She straddles the line between folk art and fine art and much of her subject matter focuses on nature and feminine forms as she weaves her personal story into her work. She has written a book about her innovative process for North Light Books called Artful Paper Clay: Techniques for Adding Dimension to Your Art, which she will debut at Guardino Gallery.


This month we will feature a Preview Window for our big 10 Year Anniversary show in the Main Gallery, September 29-October 23. The Day of the Dead themed show will feature a variety of artist and mediums.

Ralph Davis

Ralph Davis

Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams

Marcia T Smith

Marcia T Smith