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January Print Show & Devin Bernard



Kelli MacConnell: Avid hiker and adventure seeker, Kelli transcribes her love of nature and the northwest into large scale, high contrast linoleum relief.

Heather Halpern: Heather was a multimedia photorealist until being exposed to printmaking. Printmaking was so inspiring, Heather founded Whiteaker Printmakers, a non-profit organization providing Eugene with a public space to teach, exhibit and host printmaking events

Margaret VanPatten. Margaret is an accomplished intaglio artist that utilizes nearly every technique possible to create her haunting pieces which include drypoint, etching, aquatint and mezzotint.

Nicole Rawlins: Daughter of an accomplished intaglio relief printer, Nicole was born to be not only an accomplished intaglio printmaker but also a leader as the Adult Visual Arts Coordinator at Multnomah Arts Center inspiring new printmakers while continuing to exhibit nationally and internationally

Christy Wyckoff   
 Christy retired as Professor Emeritus in 2012 as Chair of the Printmaking Department of the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland.   His work has been shown and collected internationally and reflects a sensitive hand with his array of nature focused editioned prints, monotypes, paintings and photographs.   

Nanette Wallace: Nanette fell in love with printmaking while completing her BFA at Oregon State University. Her career path as a graphic artist led her away from printmaking until she acquired a boutique letterpress studio and then a small etching press. Her work is gestural and energetic, consisting of monotypes with a figurative focus

Tanner Henderson: Tanner, a young entrepreneur and artist, uses gesture and color to explore land and figures with his large format monotype

Stirling Gorsuch: Stirling is a nature man of the Cascades, Gorge and Oregon Coast which is reflected in his intense mono print color palate depicting the transformation of our forests by fire and natural occurrence

Chris Darr: Chris s a professional culinary artist for 20 years and son of a screen print artist, found relief printmaking rather recently which revealed his calling as a wood block relief artist.

18th Annual Little Things

November 23-December 30
The Gallery will celebrate eighteen years of challenging artists to create art that will fit into an imaginary box, 7″ X 7″ (frame and stand included). No other limitations. Every year is a surprise, with new artists added each year. The show is geared to holiday sales.  The buyer will be able to carry their artwork out at the time of purchase.  The show you see on the first day will not be the same show on the last day, as artists bring in new work or simply sell out as the show progresses.  This is a great opportunity to “Give the Gift of Art” at affordable prices by local artists as holiday presents or to decorate your own special corner or cubbyhole (that “little” spot in your home).  

Participating artists this year:  Nancy Abens, Dennis Anderson, Diane Archer, Kristen Bennett, Dave Benz, Stephanie Brockway, Scot Cameron-Bell, Reed Clarke, Dayna Collins, Kurumi Conley, Rosey Covert, Ralph Davis, Patricia Donohue, Susan Freedman, Michelle Gallagher, Hazel Glass, Mar Goman, Denise Graham, Riis Griffen, Veronica Guzman, George Heath, Patriicia Heimerl, Iver & Jen Hennig, Hsin-Yi Huang, Anya Jackson, Alicia Justus, Denise Krueger, Mavis Leahy, Celeste LeBlanc, Mari Livie, Donna Mattson, Maude May, Jackie McIntyre, Jennifer Mercede, Norma Ann Morrell, Lulu Moon Murakami, Kim Murton, Kelly Neidig, Cathi Newlin, Colleen OHair, Jay & Janet O’Rourke, J Gail Owen, Sarah Rehwalt, Janet Ronacher, Kate Saunders, Suzette Shrider, Mike Southern, Sally Squire, Consu Tolosa, Paul Trapp, Janet VanCleve, Tracey Waldron, Anna Wiancko, Chayo Wilson, Steve Winkenwerder, Samyak Yamauchi, Cathie Joy Young & Rachel Young