Monthly Archives: October 2019

Jennifer Mercede and Chayo WIlson

MAIN GALLERY (October 31-November 24)

Jennifer Mercede uses a variety of mixed media to creat her paintigs.“My art is best described as street art meets toddler art meets fine art. I love scribbling, doodling, being silly and expressive with paint, markers, crayons and/or whatever is closest and suits the mood.  My goal is to get into ‘the zone’, the flow zone, where I can forget all else and surrender to the joy of creating. I am spontaneous in my creation and I love to think on a whim in a variety of expressions, including art, music, writing and play. I enjoy working with kids and adults alike. I teach workshops occasionally throughout the year. I love to encourage people to free up, have fun and play in their art (and life)”  She is inspired by funky color combinations, children’s art, graffiti and abstract expressionism. Her process is spontaneous and expressive

FEATURE AREA (October 31-November 24)

Chayo Wilson has entitled her show: “When steel meets clay”. And that is what this show is all about. Chayo Wilson is a clay artist, working with steel artists.  “In 2016 , metal artist Bill Leigh asked me to make a face for a sculpture he was working on. A whole new world opened up to me which  took my visions to a new level. I throughly love the process of collaboration and what emerges, and I now collaborate with several artists as an ever expanding universe of possibilities unfold.“ To quote Chayo “I completely enjoy the art and process of making things.  I do Wood and Barrel firings as well as Electric. My clay work is a co creation with all the elements; Earth, is the clay. I paint with natural glaze colors to enhance the beauty and once again Fire unites the elements. There is also the element of Surprise; I never know exactly how each pot will evolve which is part of the lure to work each day.”