May 2021 – Hickory Mertsching, Dan Pillers & Steve Wenshi Chan

To purchase, please call Guardino Gallery @ 503-281-9048 or come visit the gallery with mask and social distancing (2939 NE Alberta St, Portland OR 97211). – Open Tuesday thru Sunday 11-5 pm

April 29 – May 25

Hickory Mertsching (Oil Paintings)

Hickory Mertsching is an oil painter concentrating in still lifes.  His painting tell a quiet contemplative story. “My medium of choice has always been oil paint, I find the modeling properties to be endless and timeless. My brushwork presentation ranges from forced illustrative techniques to loose impressionistic interpretation employing a limited palette with modest color schemes to create a harmonious picture plane. I also enjoy values.” Provincial influences and historical painting genres, such as Flemish still lifes are the inspiration for Hickory’s Paintings

Dan Pillers (Sculptural Bricolage)

Dan Pillers art conveys social and political thought using a diverse range of available materials. Dan is intrigued with the notion of art as artifact and vice-a-versa. Over the past several years he’s been creating “sculptural bricolage” as means to communicate his thoughts and feelings about the world in which we live. He combines a variety of salvaged materials and artifacts as a form of personal storytelling. By doing so he creates a sort of reliquary with an opinion. The materials he uses are remnants of things gone by. These add a level of familiarity as well as a heightened sense of history. Through a painstaking process of deconstructing, reimagining, and assembling random objects Dan creates beautiful, yet provocative, works of art.

April 29-May 23

Steve Wenshi Chan (Relief Prints)

A self-taught artist and print maker, Steve uses his own unique way of construction and carving techniques to bring out the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  His artwork brings out the serene nature of our surroundings and it lets us appreciate nature at its simplest form.  Prior to immigrating to the US in 1984, Steve had great successes as a print maker in China with many of his prints in prominent exhibitions.