Artists Showcase

Artists that we showcase here at the Guardino Gallery…

Diane Archer
Mixed Media with Found Objects

Gail Owen
Linoleum Relief Prints

Dave Benz
Black walnut Ink & Watercolor

Stephanie Brockway
Reclaimed Wood Sculpture

Dayna Collins
Acrylic Paintings on Panel

Ralph Davis
Acrylic Paintings on Panel

Gene Flores

HsinYi Huang
Ceramic Sculpture

Fran Lee

Hickory Mertsching
Oil Painting

Kim Murton

Nicole Rawlins

Dan Pillers
Sculptural Bricolage

Sara Swink
Ceramic Sculpture

Deborah Unger
Bass Wood & Fiber

Margaret Van Patten
Intaglio Prints

Stan Peterson
Wood Sculpture

Christopher B. Wagner
Reclaimed Wood & Milk Paint

Nanette Wallace
Monotype Prints

Chayo Wilson

Cathie Joy Young
Acrylic Painting