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F. X. Rosica

F.X. Rosica is a printmaker who has created a series etchings about Public Transportation.  As he rides,  he becomes absorbed in watching and sketching the people and landscapes that “ride along” with him. These images are worked  onto metal & solar plates to make prints (intaglio).  Capturing slices of life is an important part of his artistic and creative journey, and all of these prints have a unique story to tell.

"Agitation"  $85 Intaglio print  A/P  3" X 5"

“Agitation” $85
Intaglio print A/P 3″ X 5″

"Nutter"  $85 Intaglio print  A/P  3.5" X 5.5"

“Nutter” $85
Intaglio print A/P 3.5″ X 5.5″