Nursery Rhymes, Children’s Stories, Games & Toys

Showing in the Main Gallery
June 26-July 29

The theme for the July show is “Nursery Rhymes, Children’s Stories, Games & Toys”.  Jill McVarish, an oil painter (nursery rhymes), is joined by three sculptors: Stephanie Brockway (carved wood puppets and mixed media wood sculpture), Steve Eichenberger (ceramic animal sculpture) and Wayne Haack (kinetic toys all made of wood).

Jill McVarish "Mary, Mary...How does your Garden Grow?"  oil on

Jill McVarish “Mary, Mary…How does your Garden Grow?” oil on

Stephanie Brockway “Claire” carved wood/mixed media

Wayne Haack "Bird" kinetic wooden toy

Wayne Haack “Bird” kinetic wooden toy

Steve Eichenberger “Trying to be Everything at Once” ceramic sculpture


Gesine Kratzner

Showing in the Feature Area
June 26-July 27

Gesine Kratzner’s art world is populated by curious creatures.  “Stories From The Forest”  is her theme for this show, so there are wolves and mushrooms, insects and amphibians. These are the beings that inhabit the fantastical forest of Gesine’s childhood, “a place that I have no trouble traveling back to for inspiration again and again. Many of my pieces tell a story, sometimes just by connecting one character to another by a glance that reveals their feelings. At other times the stories are more elaborate, usually light-hearted and humorous, occasionally with a bit of a darker twist. My background in animation definitely shows in my sculptural work. I give my creatures personalities that are distinct and alive, the way I would think about an animated character. I work with a variety of sculpting materials. For the smaller pieces I use polymer clay and epoxy clay, for the larger ones paper mache. Most often they are a mixture of the above, plus bits of wire, fabric and other miscellaneous scraps. Recently I have also been discovering my love for working in ceramics.”

Gesine Kratzner "Might Have You For Dinner" mixed media

Gesine Kratzner “Rich Mouse, Poor Mouse” mixed media

Gesine Kratzner "Might Have You For Dinner" mixed media

Gesine Kratzner “Might Have You For Dinner” mixed media